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Creating an account

How do I create a username and password?

To create an account, click ‘Log in’ on the top right of the homepage and then on the "registration form" button in the pop-up window. Once you have an account, you can download the GPS routes.


GPS routes

Where can I find GPS routes?

There are two different ways to get GPS routes. Either download the details for each stage (to the right of each stage map), or download the routes for the three major La Vélodyssée sections at the bottom of the ‘Presentation’ page in the ‘La Vélodyssée’ section or directly on "GPS Tracklog" page.

Once you’ve created an account (go to ‘Register’ at the top right of the homepage) you can download each GPS route on the site. These will be readable on your bike’s sat-nav.


Tourist services (accommodation, rental firms, Tourist Offices, sites to visit)

I can’t download the list of accommodation and rental firms along the route. Can you help?

A list of Bike-friendly accommodation is not currently available for downloading. This option should soon be removed from the site, as it is not operational. You’ll find all our approved services on the stage maps when you select the type or types of accommodation you are interested in. For your information, approved Bike-friendly services are displayed in orange to distinguish them from non-approved services, shown in blue.


La Vélodyssée aims to develop this type of service in the future, but for the time being we haven’t listed rental firms offering this kind of service. However, you can contact bike rental firms directly to see if you can return bikes in another town, although as far as we know, few firms offer this service. Another solution would be for you to take the train to return to your departure point and return the bike to the rental firm: see the information on the ‘Bike and train’ page in ‘Practical information’.


You’ll find all our approved services offering a luggage transfer service (free or for a fee) on the stage maps when you select the types of accommodation you’re interested in. For your information, approved Bike-friendly services are displayed in orange to distinguish them from non-approved services, shown in blue.

Improvements (surfaces, signage, etc) I saw on your site that the route should be finished for this summer. Can you tell me what the current state of progress is?

What kind of surfaces do the routes have?

The route is already fully waymarked from one end to the other. For the as yet unimproved sections, a provisional route has been established. In our ‘News’ (at the bottom of our website homepage), you’ll find the updated information on any issues with waymarking, works, etc. which may affect the route. Consult this prior to your departure.

This information is available in the comments on the ‘details’ tab for each stage.
Site bugs and changes. The detailed continuous route has disappeared from the maps of the different stages.  All I can see now are identified waypoints.
Thank you for informing us about this display problem. We’ll let our webmasters know. Please supply details of which browser you are using (e.g.: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and which version. This will help us attempt to replicate and fix the problem. 


Map guides

Do you have map guides OF LA VELODYSSEE ?

All the map guides on our route are shown in the ‘Practical infos’ section. All our guides are in French.


Your bike

Can I use an electric bike on the route ?

There are no restrictions on the use of electric bikes that meet the European directive, max 250W, human powered only (need to pedal). Electric bikes are bikes within the meaning of the traffic rules.