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La Vélodyssée: A 1200 km long cycle route along the Atlantic coast

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Getting to Nantes-Royan by train

Do you want to get to the La Vélodyssée cycle route by train?

Which stations are along the cycle route?

What are the times of trains connecting with La Vélodyssée? 

Which trains can I take with my bicycle?

  • TER trains: Most TER regional trains carry bicycles free of charge. They are stowed either in mounted racks or in a dedicated storage facility.

    Good to know: this service provides only a limited number of bicycle storage spaces. Passengers are advised to arrive 20 minutes before departure time and to avoid peak travel times.
  • Intercités trains: A reservation of €5 is required to travel with bikes on all Intercités trains operating between Brittany and Nantes.

    Good to know: Bicycle reservations must be booked at the same time as you purchase your passenger ticket.

  • TGV services: Most TGVs accept bicycles. Look for the special bike symbol shown on printed timetables and on the website:

    Bicycle reservations must be booked at the same time as you purchase your passenger ticket. A compulsory fee of €10 per bike is charged.

    Good to know: If spaces for fully assembled bicycles aren’t available on your TGV, your bike must be folded or dismantled and placed in a bike bag not exceeding 90x120 cm in size. This can then be transported free of charge in the luggage facilities located at the end of each carriage.

What about travelling with a tandem or bike trailer?

  • You can travel with a recumbent bike, a tandem or trailer provided that these items are dismantled and placed in a carrying bag.
  • Good to know: the SNCF offers a dedicated bike delivery service!

Other useful information

  • Combined ‘Train+Bike’ tickets can be purchased online at: or
  • Avoid taking your bike on TER trains at peak times. If the train is too busy, the inspector may refuse to allow bicycles on board.
  • Please walk with your bicycle in stations and on platforms.
  • Find out more about the ‘Train+Bike’ services:

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Where can I hire a bicycle or a trailer when I arrive?

Bike rental services are available at train stations and in the vicinity of tourist accommodation:

Where can I leave my vehicle?

  • At the EFFIA car parks, close to major train stations.
  • Call the tourist office at your departure point for advice on parking facilities.